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Commemorations in Grodno and Minsk

The culture of remembrance and commemoration, especially of the Jewish victims of National Socialism, has been a very strong need of the Jewish population of Belarus since Perestroika. Throughout the country there are countless memorials, some of which are very impressive monuments.

This is due to the fact that until 1989 there was little talk of the Shoah – the annihilation of the Jewish people - but only generally of the «Great Patriotic War», in which there were countless victims on all sides.

Memorial march in Grodno, March 2023

The memory of the Jews who died in the Grodno ghetto during World War II was honoured with a commemorative march. This began at the gate of the former ghetto, passed the Museum of History and Religion and led to the synagogue, where candles were lit to commemorate peace and remembrance.

Tor des ehemaligen Ghetto von Grodno

Gate of the former Grodno ghetto

Jüdisches Museum in Grodno

Jewish Museum in Grodno

Synagoge von Grodno

Grodno synagogue

Memorial Ceremony at the «Jama» (Pit) Memorial Site in Minsk

A memorial ceremony was held on March 2, 2023. This marked the 81st anniversary of the mass shooting of 500 Jews on the outskirts of the former Minsk ghetto, in this «pit».

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