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Social Projects

Most of our 150 volunteers at our Jewish partner organization, «Chesed-Rachamim» in Minsk, are retired women. To help make their participation possible, we cover the cost of meals for volunteers.

In Belarus, people typically retire at the age of 55. Consequently, many capable people no longer work, even though they want to stay active and productive. In the «Chesed- Rachamim» Jewish Center, they can continue to get involved in meaningful and satisfying activities that integrate them into a social environment again.


«Chesed-Rachamim» trains its volunteers in seminars specially developed for this purpose. Above all, these seminars impart to the participants critical social, cultural, and psychological knowledge related to aging (gerontology).


A few years ago, we met a group of female volunteers who came from a wide variety of professions. Some were doctors, printers, librarians, engineers, and many other professionals. When we asked them what motivated their voluntary work, they shared with us these inspirational words:


«I'm used to social life, I'd be lonely when I retired.»


«I'm not a housewife, I'm a wild woman, I love challenges.»


«I'm used to leading people.»


«They needed me at work. As a pensioner I was lonely. I overcame this loneliness here. I can help others overcome their loneliness. I feel good here. We also celebrate Jewish festivals together.»

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