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We welcome donations of all sizes, every amount donated adds up. Large or small, by members, related persons, or organizations, everyone can help!


With 30 Francs

Increase the quality of life and ability to participate in activities of older people.


With 40 Francs

Enable employees of our partner organization, Chesed-Rachamim, to continue their professional training and be more effective at helping.


With 50 Francs

Help fund transportation services for the elderly.


With 100 Francs

Support one child going to a summer camp for children and young people with disabilities.


With +1'000 Francs

Support a smaller project for a whole year.


With 70 Francs

Facilitate the purchase of special resources for sick and needy people.


With 20 Francs

Provide a volunteer with a daily meal.


With 10 Francs

Provide a hot meal to a poor person.

Donations from Companies and Foundations

Some projects are only suitable for being wholly and exclusively financed by a company or a foundation. Organizations can identify with the project and follow it closely. Sometimes, a one-time contribution to a selected project is the most appropriate and valuable form of assistance. Our President will be happy to advise you on finding the most suitable form of support with you.

Postcheck account ajs:


CH56 0900 0000 4002 2084 7

Thanks for your support!

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