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Who We Are

The ajs is an organization of committed Swiss Jews and additional affiliated people worldwide. For over forty years, we have provided humanitarian aid in Belarus, supporting small communities to rebuild their Jewish life.


History of the ajs

From 1945 to 1991, Europe was divided by the Iron Curtain. Behind it, the Soviet Union restricted the rights of Jews, and applications to leave the country were rejected («Refuseniks»). Refuseniks were ostracized, monitored, and faced many financial difficulties, including losing their jobs. But citizens of the Free World protested and chanted in front of the Soviet embassies: «Schalach et ami - Let my people go! Let my people go!»


Board of Directors

The board maintains close contact with the partner organizations via video conferences, as it is currently not possible to travel to Minsk in person. 


Become a Member!

Support our association philosophically and financially by starting your Membership now. You can become a Member both as an individual and as a company or institution. 



We welcome donations of all sizes, every amount donated adds up. Large or small, by members, related persons, or organizations, everyone can help!



Read more about our essential work in the «Reports from Minsk,» which describes and illustrates our visits to the ajs projects, supporting the people and small communities in Belarus.

In the annual reports, the President summarizes the activities and strategies of the Executive Board.


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