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Social Projects
«Creativity is Life» Project

«Creativity is Life» is a program aimed at helping people with mental and physical disabilities. Social work and psychology specialists visit the participants at home once a week and work creatively with them. Older people who are no longer mobile request to participate in this program the most.

This project is run by our partner organization, «Chesed-Rachamim» in Minsk. The program has been running successfully for about 15 years, and the ajs has been supporting it financially since 2012.


The creative work has a universally positive effect on participants' self-esteem, while the manual and artistic outcome depends on the individual skills of each participant. Their work is exhibited and admired in the Chesed-Rachamim center, making participants feel more integrated into the community. In addition, Chesed-Rachamim organizes a catered social event with a special program at least once a year, usually on a Jewish holiday. The center also organizes the return transportation for participants.


Most of the participants eagerly await their weekly visits to see their carers. The creative work, relationship building, and the human exchange have become an indispensable part of enhancing the quality of their lives. We notice this time and again on our visits when participants proudly show us what they have lovingly made. We are also impressed by the carers' warm-hearted commitment.

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