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Country Portrait

Here you will find some informative information about the country and the current situation of the Jewish population. We have compiled this information to the best of our abilities without claiming that it represents all truths.


Jewish Population

The Jewish community of Belarus is the third largest in the post-Soviet era, after Russia and Ukraine. The Union of Belarusian Jewish Public Associations and Communities (UBJOC) estimates that there are 45,000 Jewish households in Belarus.


Processing of the Holocaust

In the Blagovshchina Forrest, near the Trostenets village, which is located near Minsk, a mass shooting site existed. It was the largest Nazi extermination camp located in the Soviet Union. For a long time, what happened in Trostenets remained a blank spot on the memory map of the Soviet Republic (which later became known as the Republic of Belarus). Our recent initiatives are helping to change this.


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