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Chesed Rachamim

Sustainable help is only possible through developing close contacts on-site, which is a critical lesson we learned during our many years of work in Belarus. We are delighted to have partnered with the Chesed-Rachamim Jewish Center in Minsk, a highly capable and talented organization, to drive our social projects.


Project «Ezra»

«Project Ezra» aims to support children and young people with illnesses or disabilities. For example, we finance medical aid for them and their families, including hospital beds or wheelchairs. In addition, we facilitate necessary medical treatment abroad (usually in neighboring countries). 


Project «Rainbow»

«Rainbow» is a social and cultural program for adults with mental or intellectual disabilities. The weekly activities and summer camps strengthen the independence of the participants. It's been managed by the «Chesed-Rachamim» Jewish Center in Minsk for more than ten years.


«Creativity is Life» project

«Creativity is Life» is a program aimed at helping people with mental and physical disabilities. Social work and psychology specialists visit the participants at home once a week and work creatively with them. Older people who are no longer mobile request to participate in this program the most.



Most of our 150 volunteers at our Jewish partner organization, «Chesed-Rachamim» in Minsk, are retired women. To help make their participation possible, we cover the cost of meals for volunteers.


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